St. Anthony's 100 years video

"Savor the Past, Build for the Future ... Our Future is Now"

The face of our Catholic Church is changing very rapidly. With our Catholic population in Reedley now well over the original 24 families who built our beautiful stone church. We the current membership are committed to "Savor the Past, Build for the Future".
   Thank you for walking with me on this path to a new and larger Church. Let us remember the "Old" St. Anthony's officially seats less than 200. The official capacity of this Church is 985. Future expansion plans will add an additional 500 for a total capacity Of 1,485 we remember that "Our Future Is Now".

As we savor the past it is time to build for the future. It has been more than one hundred years that 24 families pooled their limited resources to construct one of the most beautiful stone churches in our valley.

It is difficult for me to imagine how they were able to construct such a beautiful church with no modern amenities such as electricity, power tools or trucks to haul all of the stones used to construct our church. Our brothers and sisters built this church out of the true love and dedication to our Lord and Savior. They saw a need. Not merely for 24 families but also for the future families to come. We are blessed they took on such a monumental undertaking.

I would like you to imagine for a moment, what a monumental undertaking this was. Again, they had no modern conveniences to haul all of the stones needed for this beautiful church. Now imagine the love and dedication it took to haul each and every one of those stones off of Smith Mountain on a horse and buggy.

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